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Partnering with AmeriMerchant can instantly expand the scope of your business.

Here’s how it works:

Your customers are merchants and small-business owners. Maybe you’re a wholesaler, a payment processing professional or an equipment leaser. Your sales depend on your customers having enough working capital to do business with you. By introducing them to AmeriMerchant’s alternative financing options, you can open up new revenue opportunities with current clients. And with competitive commission rates, we’ll provide you with extra cash flow while you keep your customers happy.

If you’re in the business of providing loans as a broker or a financial institution, many of your potential small-business clients may not meet the criteria for traditional loan products. We offer working capital programs that welcome small businesses who may not qualify for traditional financing. By offering them the option of a merchant cash advance or non-traditional loan, you can expand your customer base and earn a commission while deferring all of the financial risk to AmeriMerchant.

AmeriMerchant has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to businesses through our partner programs. You can participate at various levels by becoming either a Referral Partner or a Sales Partner today.

The Sales Partner Program
  • Work closely with your merchants, walking them through the entire sales process.
  • Earn a higher commission than our Referral Partners.
  • Perfect for partners who want to maintain a close relationship with their clients.
The Referral Partner Program
  • Simply provide AmeriMerchant with leads and our in-house sales team does the legwork.
  • Get rewarded with a competitive commission upon completion of the sale.
  • Less time commitment. Spend more time on other areas of your business.

Both programs benefit from:

  • A support team that provides you with personal customer service
  • Access to our agent portal
  • Comprehensive orientation sessions
  • Ongoing webinars to keep you knowledgeable about the products and up to date on innovative sales techniques
  • 1 on 1 training sessions

Partner with AmeriMerchant today. Just fill out the application form on the right and you’ll hear back from one of our representatives promptly. Or, to speak to someone directly, visit our Contact Us page.

AmeriMerchant is now offering select website owners the opportunity to make money from their web traffic.

Commissions are earned when a site visitor clicks on an AmeriMerchant (or Main Street Business Loans) banner or link – on your site – and completes a short form on our landing page (to speak to one of our agents).

AmeriMerchant Affiliate Program
  • High payouts
  • Flexible Payment terms
  • Custom creative (banners and design work)
  • Innovative tools to help you make the most of your traffic
  • Your very own account manager
  • No fee to join

To apply, please go to our HasOffers sign-up page. Email for any further questions.

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